Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yale University Student takes exception to Blog

Churlish Mr. Tart!

Our understanding is that you are again publishing your blog. I, Sue P. Cillius- founder of the Yale Women's League for Female/Male Understanding and Mandatory Vasectomies, am putting you on notice that your sexist thoughts will be closely monitored. We,female students of Yale, have perfected the "Mind Meld" (OK, the nerd engineering guys in the Star Trek club helped us, but there is no way we are going to let them watch us doing our laundry, like they think). With this instrument, we can tell when pigs like you are hiding their natural thoughts about woman's role in society- so stop hoping that woman with the short dress on your 9:10 commuter train is going to drop her latte again, so you can watch her bend over to clean it up.
As for "Churlish", look it up, you "Safety School" reject. We know you were not an old English major, Knave.

Sue P Cillious
Yale '14