Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lisa Belkin dismisses Sarah Palin as a "cheerleader" while "educated, ambitious women" are "student council presidents" in today's New York Times Magazine section. Ms. Belkin writes and blogs about motherhood and the "intersection" of parenting with work. She went to Princeton. Can you imagine that Belkin, who quit the Times because they wouldn't let her work from home, and writes about it like this act makes her Joan of Arc, has the nerve to call a former Governor a "cheerleader". Sarah Palin never worked- yes, she just spent hours on a fishing boat in the cold with her husband, while Belkin was probably at Princeton writing about how the menstrual cycle is the result of Republican experiments with antibotics in farm animals. Belkin was a big booster of the idea to make Caroline Kennedy a New York Senator- because poor Caroline had to give up her career to be a mother, and never got the chance to follow the grand Kennedy tradition of driving into the sound while representing the public. Belkin envies Sarah Palin her looks- because as a proto "student council president", poor Lisa had to rely on her smarts at school. Caroline Kennedy whose public utterances were astounding for their clarity and power ("You Know") is a a real woman- not a doll. Palin who got the major oil companies to pay taxes based on their profits, not by production, in Alaska, is a Ditz. But Belkin, who has the intellectual reach of a flashlight in a locked closet, opines for the paper of record.

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