Friday, June 4, 2010

Sir Paul McCartney defends knocks about George Bush

hey bloke- I got me every right to make some jokes about poor old King George Bush. So don't be knocking me right too - by changing my songs around- like I sees on this here blog. Lennon did not writ any of them, I did it all me self. See, I am an intellectual now, I've been knighted by the bloody Queen- I am whats called an idiot servant, or cervantes, I think. I would knock your Palin loving teeth into the backside of your head but I left me Depends on me jet. Ever since I got the animal rights religion in me soul, I eat so much salad I compose me music in the water closet.

And don't you be saying I ripped off black music- I did, but I wrote Ebony and Ivory , I say.

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