Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jane Fonda on Sarah Palin

She is a dummy- she is uniformed. She is being used by conservative males to put a pretty face on the regressive, paleolithic culture of angry white Republican men.

Palin is a clueless woman. Forty years ago Palin would have been posing high on a Viet Cong tank not knowing the communists were using her for propaganda purposes- and to grab a quick peek up her skirt.

Now I have to go- they are filming my yoga video and the lighting has to be just dark enough so my varicose veins don't pop thru my leotard.Hey at least I am not pushing sixties retreads for Time Life music like my brother Peter- I hate it when he shows up on my set humming Steppenwolf, and making a "vroom vroom" noise and gripping the Director's chair like handlebars.

1 comment:

  1. Holy Crap! Reading your blog made me realize that us white men on wall street are under attack! These liberal ideas sure do seem to be gaining traction.We really need to do something. I say we blame immigrants.

    Sarah looks like she would be fun after she sucked down a few cosmos, don't you think? Maybe we could get her to wear the 'ol madame Himmler outfit...