Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Horrible Hate Mail!

Dear Scum:

You are probably some religious cracker crawling on your belly with a semi- automatic between postings. Conservatives are violent racists. We progressives believe in racial equality and affordable housing- unless it is on the upper West Side of Manhattan, near the "Coop" in Harvard Square, or anywhere near Rodeo Drive. I interact with all sorts of minorities at Barnard college all the time- I order takeout a lot . My boyfriend - Trace- has a really good friend named Rasta Jean who gives us lots of pills really cheap. So anyway I hope you die a violent death choking on your own vomit.

Have a nice Day!

Risa "Beeper" Fleishman

I think we have exposed Sarah Palin, and the "Tea Party" for the racists they are. You argue that the absence of audio or video of anything remotely resembling racists rants from Tea Party meetings is ambiguous; Liberals, Sir, do not need evidence. None of our political philosophy is based on reality or practical experience. So get a big hemorrhoid and drop a big stool, you fascist pig.

Anthony SoterGod- Berkeley class of 1990,Performance Artist.

I have been at Harvard now for six months. Yesterday, in my intro physics class, the upperclassman had me squirt water over my shirt and jump up and down to learn how gravity affects tidal water. I bet you think the world is round, and want to kill all the wolves just like Sarah Palin. Well, its flat, that's what my TA told me, that's why we walk standing up-- otherwise we would roll right over the edge! I bet Sarah Palin doesn't know that!

Ashley Judd, Harvard

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