Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Matt Damon talks to Sarah Palin Haters

I guess you are really happy that my anti-American bit of self stroke movie - The Green Zone- isn't even making pop corn money at the box office. Huh? Come on, admit it, you fascist Palin bootlicker. What you don't get is that as a 40 year old actor who can pass himself off as 25, I can make any damn movie I want. Next year, I might make a movie about transgender migrant workers called Salsa Mascara. See as a Hollywood intellectual and big shot, making light of working kids sacrifices in a war, is my right! And by the way Palin believes that Dinosaurs protected the Baby Jesus in the manager! I read it in Mother Jones. I am a graduate of Cambridge Latin, the almost prep school in Cambridge, and of Harvard. All right, I did not graduate from Harvard, but only because I had to perfect my craft scoring with beach bimbos in Santa Cruz And you better stop writing that my gym teacher in high school only wrote me a letter of recommendation to Harvard because he liked to look at my legs when I did deep knee bends. I got a hot Latina wife now, so there!

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