Sunday, December 27, 2009

And they make fun of Sarah?

What does the Executive Director of the ACLU, Anthony D. Romero do, when he is not suing to let pedophiles move next to the neighborhood Montessori school?

That is, on those awful, boring days when Romero just can't make it to his cottage on a former horse farm in the tony Hamptons, and just has to stay in the city (oh la vie est difficile).

In the late afternoon, I’ll usually end up at the Russian-Turkish baths, on the Lower East Side, on East 10th Street. It’s where I get a platza, which is when the Russian guys beat you with oak leaves .

Hmm. He also likes to pet a horse ( from Argentina, not a good old American horse) named Noche.

The ALCU just lost a twenty dollar million endowment. Wonder why?

Romero also likes to read ancient history. He just finished a book on the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and makes this brilliant observation:
It was all about globalization before we had the Internet and international airline travel.

Hmm, like I guess we had to wait until at least the renaissance to get a good couch discount to denmark.

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