Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Death Panels" Lie of the Year - Emails

Leave it to the Saint Petersburg Times , a Russian Newspaper, to expose Sarah Palin for the liar she is- and call her out on the "Death Panels". Why don't we have American newspapers doing that? I have to go now- PETA is photographing me nude with an Artic Fox snuggled in my breasts. Cute ears, but such nasty teeth. Little bastard really rips up my falsies.
Ashley Judd

Ah Ashley Dear, Your heart is in the right place- but the Saint Petersburg Times is owned by the left leaning Poynter Institute and is based in Tampa Florida. I was worried that they would choose Obama saying Doctors make 30,000$ cutting off feet. Whew dodged a bullet there! See when liberals use hyperbole ( look it up Ashley), we call it Lincolnesque- when conservatives do it, we call it lies. Got it.
Paul Krugman

"Death Panels" was chosen as the lie of the year by almost 5,000 readers of the Saint Petersburg Times. Some say this is not a fair representation of a nation of 300 Million people, but we stand by it. OK , my mother voted twice.
Editor- Saint Petersburg Times

5,000 people is almost as much as see a UFO in a year. So you know its scientific.
Sanderson "Brucie" Campbell- Horses End, Vermont

This has nothing to do with Death Panels, but I want people to know I am a real comedian. Even though I haven't said anything funny in years, I still got it. Pretend I have an Apple in my ear. Then you say, "Gee, Bill, you have an Apple in your ear". Then I say, " I can't hear you I have an Apple in my ear". HBO loved it!
Bill Maher

Would someone please tell Maher, for the joke to work you need a banana in your ear. Take it from me, I have had alot of bananas in my ear over the years. Well, maybe not a banana, but close enough.
Kevin Jennings- White House

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