Monday, December 21, 2009

Emails to my blog

Oh right its true. The DNC has me on ice. They plan on bringing me back when the there is a cure for cancer. But don't let anyone know because they don't want to cover this under health care reform.
Ted Kennedy

We feel we have to answer a statement made here in this blog by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We can not support forcing poor bacteria to produce botox injections. Bacteria are living creatures, and we do not support the enslavement of even unicellular animals for man's insane profit motive.

The Speaker of the House misspoke. Ms. Pelosi has never been given Botox injections nor does she approve of forcing bacteria to mass produce botox solution. She supports the rights of Bacteria. Throughout her career, Speaker Pelosi has relied on fiberglass injections to give her face that "tight as a drum" veneer. Ms. Pelosi thinks so much of bacteria, that sometimes she does not even wash her hands.

Office of the Speaker of the House- Spokeswoman Chloe Y.Midia

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