Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deleted Comments

( Even though my blog has a readership of six, it has attracted some detractors.)

Mr. Tart- Your blog indirectly criticizes the President by intimating that the President does not know that Austrian is not a language. Let me remind you that repeating a liberals gaffes is a right wing smear tactic, perfected by McCarthy. Please shut down your blog, or the Administration will be forced to email everyone you know that you rented "Showgirls" from Netflix- twice.

The White House

Sarah Palin is a climate denier. She does not believe in gravity. She stands in the way of progress. She does not know that the South Pole will completely melt in five years because the earth's core is 7 million degrees. So there. ( By the way, like how me and Tipper are really on to something with this global warming crap. In five years, our family will have substituted tobacco profits by making poor slobs pay 8,000$ for solar panels. We will be completely legit, just like the Corleones)

Al Gore

I would like to rip out Sarah's eyes with my fingernails. How can her book be number one, and my book is dead last on Amazon. She had a ghostwriter. Ok, I had one too for my fiction book, but thats only for the sexy parts. After all, I couldn't rely on memory.

Barbara Boxer

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