Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We, the members of the Alaskan Peoples Alliance in Opposition to Palin (APAOP), take issue you with your blog. Sarah Palin is really dumb; she may worship Satan; she probably killed a 94 year old village elder in 1971 riding her tricycle during the Wasilla Pioneer Day Parade (press clippings report a Susan Palmer, no doubt doctored); and the gas pipeline was not her idea, but was thought of by Barack Obama and Joseph Kennedy iii, after "chilling" together in the Village Vanguard in 1983 after some really good "toasties". (see Joseph Kennedy, "My Life, My Family, Famous Carwrecks and Other HiJinks")

Ann A. Ahole, Spontaneous Group c/o The White House.

The midtown animal shelter would like to take the oppertunity to report that Joy Behar is fine. Ms Behar was bought to us with a can of dole mixed fruit stuck on her face. No doubt Ms. Behar was foraging with the other cats when the can become lodged on her snout. We think it is miracle that she was not hit by a car as the fruit can obstructed her eyes. We hope people will remember that recycling will save other catty animals from injury by keeping dirty cans away from them.

Midtown Animal Shelter, New York, New York

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