Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Imperalism looking better by the day

"I call on the whole country: 'Switch off the lights.' We are facing the worst drought Venezuela has had in almost 100 years," Chavez said in what appeared to be a new radio version of his long-running "Hello Mr. President" TV show on Sundays.
Chavez said the program would always be preceded by the sound of a harp playing local folk-music. "When you hear the pluck of a harp on the radio, maybe Chavez is coming. It's suddenly, at any time, maybe midnight, maybe early morning."
(from Reuters)

How can a vibrant country swimming in oil be in such a horrible state? Maybe leftist hollywood dorks like Sean Penn, the faculty at Columbia University, or scattered high IQs in the Obama Administration- who understand these things- can explain to us dumbos how a loser like Chavez is lauded by liberal activists? And greeted as a legitimate leader by our President.

We don't know which is worse. Rolling blackouts or the TV programming that comes with it. Could you imagine having a fat dictator who looks like a condom stretched over a tree stump telling you to turn off your lights to the tune of a Pan Pipe. What do they call this Venezualan programming- Dick at Night?

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