Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bill Maher Reacts

Dear Blog Editor of Sarah Palin Haters- Do they speak Austrian

As a funny man, and intellectual, as a form of life beyond your comprehension, I am allowed to make insulting comments about Sarah Palin and her baby.


Have you heard of J.D Salinger. Great writer. Possibly one of the greatest writers of the last decades of twentieth century. Well, he was half Irish, and half Jewish.

See! I am half Jewish, and I am half Irish. Got it. I am a great intellectual. And I am funny. Do you think Kant did pratfalls? I can do pratfalls. I can make funny noises, and throw my voice so nobody knows. I once made a fart noise while Alan Greenspan was discussing economics with Chris Mathews and Arianna Huffington at a salon gathering. Boy, Greenspan turned beet red; and Andrea Mitchell was mortified. Then I put a fart bag under Mitchells seat- and all the time I kept discussing Jean Genets "The Maids' with her without batting an eye.

True, I only went to Cornell- the lesser of the "Ivy League". But only because the Nuns were against me and rewrote my college essay to Harvard in crayon.

So stick it! You and your blog!

(By the way we do not give out tickets to my HBO show. Nobody would come. We tell stupid tourists to LA that they are going on a reality show, and whoever laughs the loudest gets a BMW.)

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