Monday, February 22, 2010

Seth MacFarlane Comments on Sarah Palin Controversy exclusive to this blog

Dear Mr. Tart:

While your blog has only a readership of seven, I am taking to the opportunity to defend my creation "Family Guy" here, because since you are obviously a right wing nut, we don't want you driving a fertilizer truck into our production studios, do we?

As a fan of Sarah Palin, you are unhinged. It is our duty to mock middle America to keep people's minds off vegans, rich venture capitalists who pay no taxes and give liberally to the ACLU and the Sierra club, Harvard types who get scholarships to go to law school so they can defend terrorists, and Hollywood activists who have the IQ power of a night light.

We were not mocking Sarah Palin's baby by having the character, a mentally challenged individual, say her parents were " an accountant and the ex governor of Alaska". As progressives, we are not that unkind.

We were saying that its OK to make fun of Sarah Palin because she is the mother of a down syndrome baby. Its a divine punishment. ( Even though we don't believe in God). As in " Too bad about the baby Sarah, what a downer" (ha, ha)

Further its OK, to make fun of parents who have autistic children ("Did he come with his own GPS" Ha, Ha). Or if a baby is given the wrong IV fluid. ("Too bad, the nurse didn't have a cork", ha-ha). Just like if parents had a baby who was born with no brain stem. ("Well look at the bright side, no student loans, huh"-ha,ha).

I hope this clears up this controversy. Middle America just has to understand that no talent progressives are given TV shows for a reason, and with a little effort , you too, ignorant as you are, can understand our humor.

Also, please tell Bill Maher to stop calling my home phone and asking if I have Dr. Pepper in a Can.

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