Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope for Berkely Students?

A group of Berkeley, Calif. residents filed a lawsuit against 37 University of California, Berkeley fraternities Tuesday, alleging that the fraternities have made their neighborhood on the southern edge of UC Berkeley’s campus a “miserable” place to live, the Contra Costa Times reported. (From the Dartmouth)

At first, we thought the Berkely college kids were leaving their Yoga mats out obstructing traffic, or rabid Vegans were breaking into the local bar and replacing the clam dip with Soy extract; but No! These kids are partying around the clock. We thought Berkeley students protested around the clock. ( At least the 43 year old undergraduate types do).

Attorneys for the fraternities told the Contra Costa Times that the organizations were committed to preventing these incidents, but that it is unfair to blame organizations for the behavior of individuals.

So there - remember that next time you protest police brutality, or think the Tea Party people are racists.

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