Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Reid Quotes from Game Change (Satire)

Senator Harry Reid, already under fire for his "poor choice" of words in describing President Obama's speech patterns as lacking in "negro dialect", may well face additional flack as the press looks into these following quotes:

(Page 93) "Mario's little boy Andrew Cuomo- New York's Attorney General- could be governor of New York. I really think that. I mean you get an Italian, and the rare one who is an honest one at that, and they know how to fight crime- must be the DNA"

(Page 101) "Mexicans are the most hardworking people. The wife and I love to go to Mexico. They are just the most wonderful hardworking constituents I have, and I would love to fast track them to citizenship. Besides, where else are you going to get a maid for under 60 bucks a week."

(Page 125) "Governor Charlie Crist, the only Republican I like. You know he's a Greek. Those guys built the Parthenon. And you gotta think, the way those Greeks make salad, with the feta and anchovies, and all the restaurants they got- well, they are all about serving the public"

(Page 161) " Well, you know, women are great in public service. Feingold, Boxer, Pelosi- they all overcame -not being men- to take leads in our Democratic Party. Can't cook, but can they serve up a committee hearing like no body's business."

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