Friday, January 22, 2010

Ted Kennedy Home for Sale In Washington

(From the Listing circular)

Located on the best block in the premiere neighborhood of Kalorama, if not the best block in all Washington, this historic house defines entertainment. Whether dinners for national and international dignitaries, fundraising receptions, celebrated birthday parties, or family gatherings, many a special event and special people have graced this elegant residence. Its stately exterior and grand rooms, however, do not compromise its function as a family home. Warmth, light and serenity fill every room."

However, the liquor cabinet needs to be replaced. But the garage has never been used. Owner does admit the carpeting in the master bedroom is worn down to the wood. Per the lease, new owner must allow use of guest bedroom for the Kennedy clan if they get stuck in Washington and "need to crash" when they are "not feeling it", or are "plastered to the ninth degree". House is said to be haunted by Joan Kennedy who comes by at night and screams "Where are my keys", and "Teddy, I know you and Jack are hiding in the spare room with that that whore from the El Morocco again".

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