Friday, January 29, 2010

Readers Respond

Ok, so we made up alot of stuff about the Himalayas melting. But you know how hard it is to raise money for UNICEF. Anyway, what we are not telling you is that a large asteroid is heading towards Earth. This will happen by 2025. Everybody who has not bought the UN Model #45 Asteroid shelter - featuring waterless toilets, Yoga Prayer Mat, and teak wood paneling- will perish. You can purchase your own , safely tucked away in a salt mine in Hungry- for 859,000$ on our installment plan.
UN Secretary at large- Charles Rogaine Of Mylanta

Am I liberal or a progressive? I am confused. I am at Harvard now. Is that good too? What do I have to read to be a progressive? My agent said Newsweek, the New Yorker, or the Jungle Book. But I think he is pulling my leg.
Ashley Judd

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