Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hate Mail- Horrible Liberal Hate Mail!

Your blog is racist. Racist Sir! You don't even use the word "Negro" once. Which means you don't make distinctions between different types of black people, and that means you are not liberal, which makes you a racist.

Harry Reid- Capital Building

My name is not Martha Coakley- it is Martha Choakley--- the emphasis is on Choke. You are a are a stupid sexist big pig. And Yes! I am married. No Lesbian Jokes.

Martha Coakley- Candidate for Dogcatcher 2013 (See now you have me doing it!)

I would like to point out I am a comedian. I am funny. Really. Just yesterday, I stuck two toothpicks in my nose, pretended to be a walrus at Arbys, and asked two Nuns who was sexier St. Augustine or St. Aquinas. They didn't know!!

Bill Maher

Sarah Palin is a fascist. Yesterday, she was spotted at Filene's basement ripping a Coakley button off a seven year old progressive. Teresa says Palin's a fascist, because Palin is a size 4 or less. And I believe Teresa- after all, she's a size 14, so she's gotta be a good American. Right. Though its not too much fun to go body surfing with her. Especially when those damn tourists go whale looking off the coast of our summer place.And start snapping her picture. And she takes it out on me later. Believe me.

John Kerry

You just make up these letters. My agent told me so. And No, I am not posing naked with an Arctic fox for PETA. I am posing naked with an Elephant. And those elephant trunks are cold. And they are horny for such big animals. But we gotta make sure it stays cold for those Elephants up there in Alaska.
Ashley Judd

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